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 At Backwater Shooters we strive to manufacture the highest quality precision Hard Cast Lead Bullets on the market.  In addition to using Commercially smelted bullet lead, we offer a polymer coating that is second to none.  This polymer Jacket is durable and heat resistant well beyond the melting point of lead.  The coating will not melt, crack, chip, or peal when fired down the barrel of your gun. This coating when applied to a cast lead bullet, will not leave any polymer residue behind in the barrel. These hard cast lead bullets with our proprietary polymer formula can be smashed with a hammer, heated with a torch, and it will still remain bonded to the lead alloy. Our bullets are SASS, USPSA, and IPSA approved for shooting competitions. Our coating has been tested to 2000 fps with no adverse affect on the bullet or gun barrel.  We invite you to try our fine cast lead bullets today and witness the difference for yourself.  I know you won't be disappointed.  Take a look at the video below to see for yourself.  As always we appreciate your business.

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