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Jersey Program / Sponsorships

The Jersey Program is a sponsorship program aimed to competition shooters.  It is designed to offer bulk discounting to a limited number of shooters who meet the Qualifications. The purpose of this program is not only to market our products, but also to reward our shooters.  We are a young company trying to trying to provide the best quality bullets to the shooting community.

Limitations.  This program year, 2017 runs from February 1st to November 30th 2017.  This is referred to as the 2017 shooting season.  This year' we are limiting the sponsorships to  Active and current, USPSA members, IPSC members and IDPA members. There are 8 USPSA areas in the United states. Backwater Shooters is allowing 50 people from each of these areas, regardless of affiliate organization to participate in the Jersey Program. Total number is only 400 in the entire USA. 

How It WorksFor the 2017 shooting season Backwater Shooters will give a 10% Discount on the 1000 bullet rate from our web page, up to 6000 bullets per shooting season, to everyone that qualifies.   Bullets must be purchased at least 3000, at a time, but you may order all 6000 at once if you wish. The spots are filled once the purchase order is placed.  For the 2017 season it will be first come first served until all spots are filled. At the end of each shooting season each person will have to re qualify for the next shooting  season.  All documentation must be received by E-Mail no later than January 15th 2018, for the 2018 season.  Those that do not re qualify will lose their spot for sponsorship.  Someone from the waiting list will fill that spot in the order they were put on the waiting list. 

Qualifying.    For the 2017 season Shooters only need to,
1.  Be an active, current member of USPSA, IDPA, or IPSC.
2.  Purchase a Swamp Popper Jersey from one of the shirt venders that are set up to make Swamp Popper Jerseys.  " call or e-mail for a current list".
    a.  If you would rather have your own team Jersey That is fine.  Our logo must be applied to your team jersey.  It must cover at least 25% of your jersey.  ex. Half the front or Half the back.
3.  Take a picture wearing the jersey and send it to us with a request to be added to the Jersey Program.  This must be done by email.  Please include all of your contact information such as Name, Email Address, Phone number, and the organization you are affiliated with for shooting, with your membership number.  Every person will be checked for active memberships.
4.  During the 2017 season you will need to participate in at least 3 sanctioned shooting events, and take pictures of yourself competing in these 3 events.  You will need three pictures from each event with one being taken in front of the event sign so we can verify that the event was sanctioned.  That is just 9 pictures.  This must be done to re qualify for the next shooting season.

Jersey Program Entry form

You can use this form to start the process of signing up for the Jersey Program.  Please fill in all of the blanks so we will have your contact information should we need to reach you.  In the comments section, please include your club affiliation information, such as USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, membership Numbers.

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Daytime Phone:
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